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About the Game:

Voyage is a virtual travel experience. It simulates the entire Earth with Google Map geo-data and presents it to players as a huge Multiplayer Sandbox Open World.

It is also a shared environment. Players get to meet each other in this game, share their journey and make their own marks in the world. Their creations will be in this world forever, not only seen by all the other players traveling to the place, but also lighting up the region.

The project is founded on September 2020 during the global pandemic and the goal is to give players positive energy and a sense of hope.

About the Account:

Simply input your desired Username and Password to login, if the username is not taken by others you will be automatically registered.

Your info will only be used in the game to store the stats. Any question related to login/account please leave as comments below.

How to Play:

Move - WASD

Jump/Fly - Space

Toggle Between Jump/Fly - H

Menu - TAB (Hold)

Menu Confirm - LeftClick

Place Creation - F  (Hold)

Edit - C

Take Picture - X

Some famous places and their coordinates:

Statue of Liberty, NY: 40.690193, -74.044382
Eiffel Tower, Paris: 48.859111, 2.294417
RPI, NY: 42.729669, -73.677546
Forbidden City, Beijing: 39.912481, 116.397302

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Sep 16, 2020
Made withUnity, Maya
TagsMassively multiplayer, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few seconds


Voyage v1.4 windows.zip 96 MB
Voyage v1.4 mac.zip 110 MB

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